Wordpress help and repair services

Most wordpress services only $29!

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Wordpress Repair Service

Wordpress done right

Has your website been hacked? I can repair it the same day in most cases and secure it for protection from future attacks or vulnerabilities. Other services I offer include theme installation/setup, modifications, plugin installation, and more.

Theme Issues

Problems with your theme? I have you covered. I've been fixing theme issues for years. Both old and new themes can have problems but don't worry. They are all fixable!

Plugin Issues

Plugins can break at anytime, especially if the developer hasn't updated it along with the core Wordpress updates. I will find a solution to your problem.


Need your theme modified or extra features added? No problem. If it's possible, I'll make it happen.

Responsive website design expert

I use Foundation - The most advanced front-end frameword in the world.

It's customizable, flexible and works on all devices. Responsive websites are a must with the vast amount of devices and screen sizes. Foundation is packed full of cutting edge features and along with wordpress you can easily manage your website.

Custom wordpress sites starting at $199!

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Same day service. Send me information about your problem or what you need help with and I'll get it taken care of in less than 24 hours.